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Classes Offered

We offer a wide range of classes to suit all needs.

For Young Dancers:
The Starlet Program - designed for the young dancer.  These classes offer instruction in Tap, Ballet and Tumbling with an emphasis on rhythm, coordination and development of gross motor skills.  Age levels are as follows:
Starlet I : ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2
Starlet II: ages 3 1/2 - 5
Starlet III: ages 6 - 8
New! Starlet + adds jazz to the regular Starlet Curriculum: ages 6 - 9
We specialize in classes for young children!  

For the Tweeners:

Bridge Classes - are designed to integrate students ready to advance from the Starlet Program but not yet ready to move to a single subject class:

  • Jazz / Ballet: ages 7 & over or with Director approval.
  • Rap' Tap & Jazz: ages 8 & over or with Director approval. 

Students learn the fundamentals and progressions necessary for advancement into single subject study.

For the Advanced Dancer:

Jazz: ages 9 - adult Beginner through Advanced levels.

Our jazz program emphasizes strong dance technique with elements of funky style, hip hop and musical theater thrown in for the flavor!

Ballet:  Levels I - IV    

Pointe: Dancers must take 2 ballet classes per week and master certain technique requirements (requires Director approval).

Ballet is the basis for all dance and I believe the most important dance discipline.  A ballet student is able to step into any dance form with ease!  Classes are divided by level and include barre, center and combination work.

Tap: Ages 9 & older

We use the Al Gilbert Tap Curriculum that includes levels I - IX.  Students must meet level requirements for advancement.  Classes include tap barre , center floor work, progresssions and combinations.

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