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About Kozetta's Dance

Teaching dance for over 30 years.

Miss Kozetta's Dance Background:
Miss Kozetta's lifelong dream of owning her own dance studio was realized when the first little dancers arrived for class in the converted basement of her home in 1984.  Prior to that time, she had studied dance both privately and in college.  She continues to study in order to stay current on the latest techniques.  
Kozetta Thomas:
  1. Earned a B.A. from Baker University.
  2. Is certified through Dance Educators of America.
  3. Has trained with such notable professionals as:
    • Al Gilbert,
    • Buster Cooper,
    • Darryl Retter,
    • Janice Barringer,
    • Fred Kelly (brother of Gene Kelly)
    • Amanda Stone

She has performed professionally on stage, television and hosted the talk show Dance Dialogue for Dallas Public Access Television. 

Each year, she continues to keep her pulse on the latest dance trends through continuing education, attending seminars and training sessions including The Glenda Brown Choreography Project, Musicworks and Project Motivate with Rhea Gold.  In additon to teacher training this will be her third year on the advisory panel for Weissman's Costumes and her second season working with the Dance Council of North Texas on scholarship auditions.



Quality Instruction

Miss Kozetta is not only the owner but also teaches each class. This ensures your child receives instruction from a degreed and certified dance instructor with 30 years professional dance experience.

Here is what some parents are saying...
My daughter always looks forward to dance at Ms. Kozetta's.  She gets personal attention and direction in every class.  She is not only learning to appreciate the art of dance but she has also developed an increased self confidence and sense of pride.
Kerry Kinkelaar (Bailey's mon)

My daughter started with Miss Kozetta when she was four years old.  Eleven years later she enjoys class as much today as she did back then.  She has learned a lot, built great relationships and looks forward to dancing every week!  We love Miss Kozetta's perspective in regards to dancing for recreation.
Charline Cardwell

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